Quality Demo Services for Less

Quality Demo Services for Less

Choose a preferred demolition contractor in Houston, Sugar Land or Katy, TX or Lake Charles, LA

If you need interior or exterior demolition services for your home or commercial building in Huston, TX, Sugar Land, TX, Katy, TX or Lake Charles, LA, you've come to the right place. TPR Construction & Design is a trusted demolition contractor with over 17 years of industry experience.

We're known for our strict attention to detail and competitive prices. Ask us for a free estimate on your demolition project now.

Learn the 9 steps of the demolition process

Wondering what you can expect when you hire us for demolition services? Our team will:

  1. Acquire any needed permits
  2. Perform a site survey
  3. Disconnect all utilities
  4. Do a safety survey
  5. Mobilize equipment
  6. Protect the surrounding areas
  7. Demolish the building
  8. Haul away all debris
  9. Clean the area thoroughly

Our process is the same whether you're dealing with biohazards or a collapsed roof. Either way, you don't have to settle for subpar demolition services. Schedule an appointment today to work with our talented team.